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This is pretty much just the start of this project. is my personal website.  It was susposed to be web design, but life got complicated and now I am moving over to graphics - lettering, patterns and things like that. 

So I want a new look for the site, and the logo. This class is just perfect for working on that. 

My idea here is that I wanted something very soft and feminine, but also clear a definate with a bit of humor. Also I love pen work like the work of Arthur Rackham. Well, we won't be doing anything like that, but the lovely expressive thin lines that are so lively are what I will be looking for. 

The problem with logos and things like that is that they look so simple - but they really aren't at all. This is as far as I have gotten but still I am pleased with the font that will be developed, a thin elegent font called Znikonit No 24 from And after a lot of trial and error I got a slant and arc that look about right.  This I really found a challenge, that felt rather like art classes where the teacher is always screaming "Bigger! Work Bigger!!"

The next stage will be fine tunning. A lot of the loopy decoration things need changing as well as some of the serifs. The D needs a lot of work and I am thinking about extending it as well as possibably the S to make a sort of frame around.  

Not sure how this will work out but it should be interresting. 

I finally got to the "Adding Shading" part and am totally stuck. Have no idea what the problem is, but will continue to work on it. These are not the final colors, just for working, but Illustrator keeps telling me it is too complicated.  Don't know how much that is so and/or the problem.  Lots of things I am not very happy with, but anyhow I am learning a lot on the way.  Oh, well. 

Here is where I am holding now:


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