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Sitcom Supper

I'm no stranger to zines, having consumed them as a teenager. Living in a small town, zines were the best way to find out about new music and subcultures. However, I have never actually made one, so I thought it would be great to challenege myself!

Initially I did worry whether the subject of my zine would be interesting enough, but I took Kate's advice and just wrote down some of the first things that popped into my head. Here are some of my earlier ideas:

1. What I wanted to be when I was younger v What I actually ended up doing

2. Favourite sources of heat: A spice lovers memoir (documenting my favourite hot sauces/food)

3. My desk has too much crap (drawings of things on my desk)

4. Favourite SNL sketches

In the spirit of not over thinking things, I decided to combine my love of sitcoms and eating by doing a zine about a six course meal inspired by food from my favourite TV shows! I wanted to keep things simple but fun, so I drew all the courses.

I struggled to decide what to do for the cover so I left this until last. But when I got to it (after drawing the inner spreads in portrait format), I realised if I made the cover landscape, it would be the shape of a TV which would work perfectly with the subject of the zine. It was a happy accident, so I decided to change everything to landscape, which just goes to show that great ideas can pop up when you're in the process of making things.

I'm looking forward to sending a copy out to whoever wants one!

My only concern was that the zine didn't have enough of a narrative running through it, but does anybody else have any thoughts on this?

Overall a really fun class -- I'm hoping to make more zines in the future!





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