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Sit Less Chellenge

photo by seanwolter

Are you sitting down? Sadly, the answer is probably yes. And this is probably not unusual. Most of us sit for hours during the day. The problem is that all this sitting is killing us

The Challenge

How can reduce the amount of time that we spend sitting? And how can we do this in a way that is easy to adopt? Sure price is an issue. Most people will likely be testing this new behavior, so they wont want to spend a fortune. Also, we need to make sure we fit into current work environments - we probably cant remove existing desks and chairs, so need to work around them. 

Need some inspiration? Here is a recent NYTimes article discussing some interesting (but often expensive) approaches. Of course, there are various IKEA hacks to create standing desks, too (most of these seem to be for folks who have offices at home, so not sure it solves the office issue).

How You Can Help

We're looking for simple solutions to help us sit less. We're looking for drawings, renderings or even pictures of prototypes. Our goal is to 

What's in it for you

[still working on the righs incentives to cover Money, Attention and Experience. my sense is that the social good element hear is already visible]

Revenue share - if your idea is selected for prototyping, you will immediately receive a contract for 10% share of future revenues from wholesale sales. 

Its your idea - even if you don't win, the idea is still yours and you have feedback to help make it better. 

Our media partners [stil working on who they are] will be covering the challenge, so there is an opportunity to receive media coverage as well. 

Evaluation criteria

+ minimum disruption - we still need to work. Sure Google Glass is just around the corner and we might be able to walk and work all the time, but until then, we need to find approaches that let us work with the tools we're used to - most likely desktops and laptops. 

+ possible impact - how much do we think we can change behavior (could be complete transfomation for a small group or small transformations for a large group). 

+ feasibility - do we need new technologies like materials or manufacturing approaches to make this work?

+ viability - we want to be able to make and sell this and have enough left over to reinvest and pay out the folks who help make this happen (and the revenue share of course)


1. announce challenge

2. ideas submission and feedback

3. peer review and jury review

4. winners announced

5. build and test rough prototypes

6. crowdfund first product iteration

7. move idea into production

[will add some more details to each phase]


[currenty thinking about Greatist + Coworking spaces]


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