Sister Love

Sister Love - student project


After reviewing the great feedback from the fellow classmate, I made a little change to my initial sketch.

I reconsidered if I really needed the mother on the left, and decided to take her out because the main focus here is the girls in the middle.

I also added the floor perspective to lead the viewers to the middle.

Sister Love - image 1 - student project

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome! :)



Hello everyone! I'm a little late to start and this is really rough sketch but I wanted to share and get some feedbacks!

This is a story of me and my sister when we were little. My sister dropped a bowl when my mom told her to be careful... she started crying and little sister, me :), came up to her and patted her head to make her feel better.

Sister Love - image 2 - student project

I don't know if the story crosses the viewers and would love to hear what you think! Any suggestions/thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks :)