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Sirens Big Band

Thanks, DKNG, for a fantastic class! :)

First of all, I'd like to say that I didn't watch your class and say to myself "hey...I'm going to totally do a mask just like DKNG showed in their video!" It was already part of my client's brief. :) client are a 17-piece all female big band from Sydney Australia called Sirens Big Band. I do all their gig posters, which are usually either hand drawn/digitally coloured, or in a digital collage style. See some examples below.

How I'd normally design a gig poster

But for this one, I wanted to push myself into a new realm. It's crazy, but I'm not particularly good at illustrator so I'm trying to start as many new projects as I can using the program. I really wanted to try my hand at a flatter style of illustration.

The band has recently commissioned a jewellery designer to create them some signature pieces to wear on stage. She drew a bit of inspiration from this album cover I designed:

And MY brief for this poster was to reinterpret some elements of her jewellery designs into some kind of crazy mask using a similar colour scheme. Her jewellery designs: 

Some of my other inspiration for the piece is below.


I really wanted to use traditional African motifs and elements of Ethipoean masks (the band play a lot of Ethio inspired music), but I was really drawn to a mask made out of other elements as is the case in the last two inspiration images. 

So I decided to make my mask out instruments that the band play, because they really are quite a powerhouse...and hearing them play is almost like hearing some kind of crazy mega instrument! So we have an upside-down double bass for the head, drums for the eyes, keys for the mouth, as well as brass instrument buttons and six guitar strings for additional decoration. 

I must say, I think I have a way to go before I'm badass at Illustrator. I'm so familiar with Photoshop, but this program is a whole other kettle of fish. I don't love the final product, but my client does, which is the most important thing. :)


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