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This is my submission for the From Pattern to Portfolio Challenge. You can see my submission for the Intro class here.

The Backstory

I was born in a country of islands but left when I was just a girl. Many years later, I returned to visit my grandmother and she ferried me to a remote sea cove for the day. We frolicked like fish among the waves. To this day, no one can tell me exactly where we were — that you could dip your head just below the surface and find yourself in another place that teemed with such color and life. It was a dream. It was magic!

This collection is a homage to that day, that island and my grandmother. All gone now but still very much alive in my heart. In Siréne, I invite you to experience that underwater magic.

Mood Board




Here a some (not all) of my sketches...


It took me a whole week but I painted each illustration in gouache. Then converted them into vector motifs.


From there I created my motifs and collection. I had so many elements to work with, I ended up making eight patterns. :D Hope you like them!

Pattern Collection: Siréne

Collection Story

Siréne tells the story of an underwater paradise, a secret treasure just beneath the surface. Here, life takes the form of stars and other creatures of unlikely beauty. Among groves of seagrass, fish and mermaids frolic, unrushed and untroubled by the cares of the world above.

Pattern Names: Daughter of the Sea :: Open Ocean :: Paradise :: Aquaria :: Fathoms Below :: Water Ballet :: Atlantis in Bloom :: Riding the Gulf Stream





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