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Sip and Sew!

Hello Everyone!

I have been wanting to start my own side project/business for a long time and I love sewing/art and just being creative. 

There has been a huge explosion of these vine and van gogh style classes where everyone gets together either at a friends or on location and you spend the evening learning out ot paint a specific image while drinking/snacking with all your friends. These have all been doing really well and new versions keep popping up. 

I had been talking to several friends who all know that I know how to sew and are interested in learning and we planned an event like the painting one but with making pillows and I have decided to create a parttime business around that idea at this time. A lot of people want to learn how to sew and don't realize either how hard or how easy it can be and I just love it and love teaching new people this incredible skill and really feel like more people should know how. 


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