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Sip Happens

Last fall, wine tasting became my favorite weekend getaway. No matter what was happening at work, I knew that Barboursville's Octagon was just an hour away. I took the photograph above while venturing to one of the many beautiful vineyards in Charlottesville (sorry Blacksburg, my loyalties are still with you).

Below is a map of some of the vineyards I have travelled to this year (circled in purple). I hope to travel to many more this spring as I learn more about wine throughout this course!

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover...

But, I have to admit...I do. Because I'm no expert, I go through our local wine store and find the stand-out (and least intimidating) labels to indulge in.  I look for color and creativity. Perhaps this course could be my study of label appeal versus taste...

To start this class off right, I went to the store craving a Cabernet Sauvignon and, because I'm a graduate student at a private university, my wine funds are quite limited. I chose the $7 on sale (score!) FlipFlop Cabernet Sauvignon from the "Left Coast". I chose this wine for the following reasons:
1. Cute label.
2. The convenience of a twist top, and
 3. It has a sticker on it that says it won the gold in Florida State International Wine Festival

Overall, the wine is pretty decent and full-bodied varietal table wine. I can't say it's my absolute favorite, but definitely drinkable. It was a soothing wine to come home to after the treacherous Financial Accounting class I had this evening. I know it is not the most sophisticated of wines, but it is only day one. It can only go up from here!


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