Sintra Sense | A Self-Driving Van for Restaurant Suppliers

In the restaurant supply business, every second counts. You require a reliable, low-cost delivery system to get your products out to customers when they need them.

Say hello to the Sintra Sense: a fully autonomous van designed especially for business. This is not one of those futuristic little white cars that have been careening all over the evening news. The Sintra is proven to be 8 times safer than a human-powered vehicle. Cutting-edge sensors allow the Sintra to communicate with other cars and prevent accidents before they happen. It uses advanced imaging techniques instead of the standard white-line technology, keeping your inventory protected in case of severe weather on the road.

The Sintra can make deliveries by itself at any time of day, all while saving thousands of dollars in payroll every year. Its computer fully integrates with your restaurant supply chain software, allowing for seamless tracking and delivery scheduling

With an interior that can be configured to transport goods or people, the Sintra Sense helps you accomplish every function of your business. Your customers want their products on demand. With the Sintra, your speedy deliveries will leave the other suppliers in the dust.

To ensure top quality, the Sintra Sense is only available to a small, exclusive group of top supply chain companies. It will debut in January 2019 for lease only. Don't wait for your competitors to snap up these vans-- call today!