Sinking Ship

Sinking Ship - student project

Finalish version (finally.)...any thoughts on how I could do water better in the future?

Sinking Ship - image 1 - student project

Near Final?

I don't know. I'm happy with the solemn, sea feel here. He's definitely a captain just finishing his lunch with maps on his table, anxiety about the low wind and high seas bothering his appetite. As we know now, he had every right to be and he casts what's in his pockets out to see as his ship takes its last gasp before sliding under the waves. OR SOMETHING. Here's where it stands...any feedback would totes be appreciated.

Sinking Ship - image 2 - student project


Client launch went, as they tend to, rather sideways, so I didn't get as much of this tidied up as I'd have liked to...but this is where I'm at presently. Slowly making my way through with textures and shadows, etc. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Sinking Ship - image 3 - student project


Up too late blocking in color on the night before an enormous client site launch, but oh well. Here's the sketch I actually wanted to do with colors blocked...I kept the palette pretty simple because I know that I'll gain range and tone when I start to texture, so do overlook the parts where that makes it somewhat ugly. I'll be muting out the brighter colors when I move into photoshop, as well as developing the 'waves' a bit more. Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

Sinking Ship - image 4 - student project


While I don't plan on using the 'hook salesman' sketch as my final, I did think he deserved a better fate than being totally ignored, so I used him as a practice field for Matt's techniques and some others to see how they worked. Stylistically, I'm not sure I have the skill or ability to work in this style, but it was fun...and sort of made me wish I'd made a background for him. Any thoughts or critiques are totally welcome.

Sinking Ship - image 5 - student project


Found myself doing more and more sketches, trying to catch my abilities back up to their meager peak from yesteryear, and ended up liking the idea of doing a fellow vanquished by pirates. So here he is, in, mostly, British regalia. Thoughts and feedback are most decidedly welcome, especially since so many amazing pieces are going up daily!

Sinking Ship - image 6 - student project


Stoked to get going on this one.

Here's some idea what direction to go, any thoughts/ideas are more than welcome.

Sinking Ship - image 7 - student project

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