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Singing bird

Since I learned about Brittney Lee's work, I got very inspired and looked for tips and tricks in order to make my very own piece of paper cut art. Indeed, there are so many other amazing artists out there including Caroline doing such amazing art. I am glad I found you Caroline in Skillshare. Thank you so much for this class!

I am not an Illustrator and lacking a sense of proportions when working on paper I ended up doing some rough drafts in Photoshop. Soon, I realized I might need either a big frame or cut on many details... I started with a bunch of branches and a bunch of birds... To be honest, I would not be able to accomplish such a project. Finally, I decided to Illustrate a singing bird character. I did my thumbnails and they all looked alike. Then, I decided to add a bit more detail to these and tried different headpieces. Here are few of my sketches. I am going to keep working with #2, which is meant to be a parrot.


For background, I am thinking on a dark night sky with stars and some Tahitian-like details

I believe this is my final illustration. I agree, it looks very messy and overwhelming with all those lines crossing. I hope this helps me get it right from start to finish, though. Besides, I made my drawing in Photoshop using separate layers so I can clearly differentiate any element in the background. I probably added too much detail but I didn't want to forget adding texture to the feathers. It is meant to be a singing parrot in a tropical hut so I drew bambu sticks, some leaves and flowers. It is time to get some cardstock paper, I guess.

This is my WIP so far. I cut all the bird pieces and painted and glued together some of them. I' m using Gouache and glitter markers. Getting there!


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