Singer/Songwriter - student project

Freelance vocalist and writer! How about that? ^^

I'm good at:

  • Utilizing an array of vocal techniques
  • Using Garageband to record sounds
  • Assembling Chord Charts
  • Composing 4-8part songs
  • Working with odd time signatures
  • Constructing meaningful lyrics
  • Transcribing music
  • Asking questions and sharing everything I've learned

How I want to spend my days:

  • 80% inside and alone (or with one or two other people once in a while)
  • 20% outside and in small groups (or in big crowds only once in a while. A concert, for example)

I want to produce:

  • Written and recorded music
  • Acapella vocals and collaborations
  • Notation and chord sheets
  • Voice overs for videos and shows
  • Research Articles to go with album tracks (These will be articles referencing any books, journals and documents that inspired the theme of each album)
  • A community magazine based around the themes of each album

How other people benefit:

The listeners can

  • learn about the issue (for example, my first album is about how to learn self-compassion and acceptance of yourself. The depression rate is too high in this society! Why is that?! Hopefully we can get to the root of the cause together, and break from the cycle.)
  • contribute their writing to a post-album magazine featuring their thoughts, articles and experiences with the subject at hand.
  • enjoy unorthodox (but hopefully still pleasing!) music in an odd time signature.

The clients I work with can

  • engage in the creative challenge of using odd meter
  • get help with music theory and trascribing
  • have a unique voice on their track from someone (me!) who's not afraid to experiment with differing vocal techniques.

Bussiness Promotion:

  • Soundcloud account in which the playlist can be embedded anywhere.
  • Blog posts and Youtube videos engaging others to talk about the issues
  • Flickr account as a fun side project to share pics or short videos of concerts, the creative process, and some small snippets of everyday life.

Update: Music still not mixed, but website is satisfactory enough to show. Please let me know your thoughts!

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Chelsea Irish
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