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Singapore x Sean


I'm Sean and I'm from Singapore. I don't own a DSLR or any digital/film camera like most of you do, so all I have with me is my iPhone. Although it's harder for me to take motion blur and night shots, I decided to test my limits and give it a shot (pun intended haha). I usually take photos of everyday objects around my neighbourhood that are interesting to me, so street photography is something familiar yet new to me. 

1. Street Portrait

I was on my way out when I saw this lady with her two daughters sitting on the step of the staircase quietly. It gave me a heartwarming feeling that I had to take a photo of them. This little girl spotted me taking the photo and her expression made the photo better in my opinion.

2. Look-up

At the area where I live in, there are hardly any high rise buildings, so these are one of the few high rise buildings. I love the juxtaposition between the building that's being constructed and the existing building. The shapes of the buildings didn't allow for a straightened shot, so I played around with the angles a little bit. 

3. Motion Blur

After getting a tip from a fellow member from this community this morning on taking motion blur shots on the iPhone, I tried it out immediately. Of course, it isn't as good as those taken with proper cameras, but I think it was quite successful. There was a little bit of blur on the front of the cab and the word "Daikin" on the cab can be seen quite clearly. 

4. Night Shots

I know, it isn't very night-ish, but this was the latest timing I could get with my phone (the photo is quite grainy already haha). This is another street portrait, the guy was taking a smoke and scrolling on his phone, possibly taking a break from all the work he did. It feels like he does this on a daily basis, doesn't it?

I hope you guys like the photos and do give me some feedback on how I can improve! Thank you :) 

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