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Simply daily life

January 7th, 2014

this one is for a bar-mitzvah.

december 5th, 2013

I'm trying to improve this card. is it clear that the speech bubbles are text messages?

I changed the wedding invitation into a greeting card:

I'm working on a card for the wedding invitation challenge. I know it's off topic of this class, yet would love to get input on it.

Today's progress; can't wait to hear your input!

Instead of confronting backgrounds I quickly sketched a thank you card. Thoughts? 

I tried to make a festive background for a birthday card.  I don't usually add backgrounds to my drawings. what do you think?

I'm thinking of using the elements of humor and of our daily use of technology. Here are some initial sketches in my sketch book, and on the iPad (I'm not sure why the uploaded sideways and how to turn them).


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