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Simply Radishing.

Feb 4 2014 Color Mixing

Hi everyone,

I've mixed all 9 colors and created some reference color charts as I'm painting. I can't wait to paint radishes using all the great suggestions you guys have given in the comments. I'll try different color combos, warmer tones, and different backgrounds. 

Jan 27 Radishes 01

Here are my radishes. I used 2 colors, Winston & Newton Permanent Rose and Ultramarine blue. It was really quick to paint. I think I'll use these radish as a project to push my painting and experiment with composition, color, etc. they're a very easy shape but still fun to look at. I had a problem with understanding when to fill in the background. what does everyone recommend when doing a still life? do you plan the painting doing the smallest bits first then the loose watery background? or another way?

I pulled these little perfect radishes from my garden last weekend! I've decided to change my first painting to be these ravishing radishes instead of a beachy scene in Mendocino. Let's see how it goes!

I've started some value studies of the watercolors I have. It's pretty cool to see how light I can go. There's such a big range with very few colors.


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