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Simply Jessie

This class could not have come at a perfect timing.  With the assistance of my three-year old daughter, I created this Thank You card for her music teacher, Jessie. 

I began with a sketch of the staff with the word "Thanks" spelled out as musical notes. My daughter was glad to fill it in with colors and I held her hand to write her (and her little sister's) name inside the card.  Watercolor and gold finetec is also new to me and I do not have drawing skills to boot but I challenged myself anyway. 

I also planned to write Jessie's name with the "J" as a treble clef but it did not seem right for me and I still need more practice with my flourishes to make them look effortless, so I abandoned that plan and decided to keep the lettering simple instead.

I did not have good quality envelope (it was thin, which is why I opted to use watercolor for the script) and I made the mistake of erasing my pencil lines too soon that resulted to a few smears.  I cannot start over as I did this wee hours of the morning and just decided to forgive myself.  I was reminded of what Bryn said that struck me, that the imperfections of our work are okay because they truly reveal a personal touch.  Besides, I cannot aim for perfection if a kid had a hand (pun intended) in this =D

I am hoping that she would feel how much we appreciated her presence in the class once she receives the card.  In the end, I am happy to see the colors, the gold.. and just how playful and creative this turned out to be as I went along the way. 





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