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Simply Designed: Hope Henderson

For the first round of design I wanted to emphesized the H's because it's the initials of my full name. I also thought it was a good play on type baside off my faux website. I like the fact that HH resembled a film strip in an abstract way (videography and video editing is also something I dabble in). 

My second set of business cards I decided to drop one H and use Bodoni poster italics for the remaining letter to create the "logo." On one side I have the website info and on the other I have the personal information. I want ahead used a combination of serif and san-serif. I stuck with the neutral color (black and white) because I am convinced that it creates a more sleek and modern feel.

The last set I designed is a variation of the second. I added an extra design element that gives it a different feel, yet it still maintains clean as the others. 

Opinions, constructive critisim, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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