Simplifying a little

I already use Todoist for some years now. Today, I think it is the most essential app in my life. Even using it daily, I still have to take a while to review tasks, projects, to keep it more simple.

Also, I love to take this kind of classes to help with my system. I did not know about the templates, I believe it will be really useful!

Simplifying a little - image 1 - student project


I also use the google calendar for marking my appointments. I liked the idea of using colors, let's see if it is going to be helpful. It sure looks cute!

Simplifying a little - image 2 - student project



I have been using Evernote mostly to register my work. The idea to use the space to save notes and shortcuts also seems helpful, thanks.

Maybe that is a useful tip for other people: I keep a register of my work tasks in Evernote. So, every day I came to work, and keep track of the things I am doing. Also, most important: the things I will start doing in the following day. I found that quite useful, so I do not waste time thinking about what should I start doing. Sometimes I even write the path to the file that I should start opening.

Simplifying a little - image 3 - student project

When I joined the course, I did not see that it was this Thomas Frank teaching. I watched a lot of your videos, and you have great content, really helpful. Keep with the excellent work!