Simplicity + Kindness

Simplicity + Kindness - student project

Update March 20:

So I picked the 'Kindness is the new black' quote, and worked on a new sketch.

Here it is:

Simplicity + Kindness - image 1 - student project


There are so many quotes I love, it’s just hard to pick one. So I tried my first sketches with these two. They are: 

-       “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” by Da Vinci

-       Kindness is the new black. This second one is mine. At least I think it is (my apologies if someone already came up with it, or something similar)

It may sound redundant but I love the first one because of its simplicity and sophistication at the same time. It seems that the simplest things are yet the hardest ones to achieve. I see it happening in my life very often.

The second one I think it is the deepest wish of my heart nowadays. I find it very curious that a few people in this course are also exploring ‘kindness’ in their projects. It makes me very happy. Unfortunately, I think for most people, kindness is an old-fashion ‘item’. I really hope it goes back to be fashionable again.

I would love to be able to come up with a more ‘modern’ look for my projects. At the same time that I love and find the curves very beautiful in a lettering project, this is not the style I would like to have. I like more minimalist, Scandinavian styles, but I guess it is a challenge to be minimalist and doesn’t look too simple or not elegant in a project like this.

I think I have to buy a decent pad with grids. So for now, the first sketches are on a blank paper. They are my first attempt ever to do something like that. So I am already happy. I never thought I could.

 Simplicity + Kindness - image 2 - student project

Simplicity + Kindness - image 3 - student project


Let me know which one you like the most. And that will be my final one. 

I’m open for comments and suggestions. Let me know what you think.


Thanks, Lu