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CEO and Founder of Buku Sisa Kita Social Campaign



Simple way to Recycle the old notebook into new notebook ! - Buku Sisa Kita Social Campaign -

Make you own! Simple way to love the nature, reduce the global warming, and show your creativity skill.

Here is the step of recycling the books !

You may check out the video at You Tube too!!

BUKU SISA KITA Social Campaign Movement @Indonesia

It's a new fun movement to share the used notebooks to those who need in Fun and Creative way.
This Social Campaign was held on Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, April - June 2013 Last Year.

We invite the junior high school students, who still had used notebooks to be collected and together we recycle it so those books can be used again for other children who need the books.

Budi and Siska is our representative and also as the main character of Buku Sisa Kita Social Campaign, they help all the children to share the notebook in a fun way.

Because Fun is when you can share it with other

Just check out the action!
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