Simple timesheet


Hi guys !

Tracking your work time is more than often a boring task... isn't it ?

I've recently been asked by our CEO to track in DETAIL what my R&D team is doing, and thus I've added a - very - original timesheet using an Excel template... I'd like to gamify that, and although creating a new DB with Bento could fit, it wouldn't be that fun.

So let's create Simple TimesheeT !

We have different kind of big R&D projects: I need a track for that.

I do also need to get a dashboard for reporting where they're spending their time: support, dev, learning new techs, etc...

So basically, I need to track:

- Date

- Duration (a simple duration or a calculation between start and end, minus lunch to make it easier for the laziest ones), + stopwatch, to make this boring task a little funny (I'll add some extra features and or comments if the task is more than 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, etc...: let's gamify that ! We could also use the game center - why not ??!!! to add some trophies, I do work with geeks and I am one too, so that may be very funny for us).

- type of task: we have several tasks type categories: Dev, QA, support, learning, etc...

- Type of R&D project: so that our CFO is able to track the time in each project

- Comments

- Redmine task # (we use this to track our tasks and projects)

What I need:

- .csv and/or .txt export by mail (I'm going to import the data on my Excel dashboard)

- ability to customize the content of my menus

- summarize time by the time frame the user will define (week, 2 weeks, month, etc...)

- ability to add custom fields

This is my MVP.

However, who knows, I may sell some of these, so I'll have a free version of my app, and IAP to unlock the full version. Let's say that the initial version is going to be limited to 40 hours of entries, and it's going to be unlocked in the full version (it will be the same for the ability to add custom fields).

Jerome Dumont
R&D Director @day, Nameo inc founder @night