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Simple temp°

Final Screens - I’ve decided to name this app wendu, and to taylor the the design towards the elderly and people with average eye-sight who may struggle with small screens and/or text.

I remember my grandfather straining over newspapers, TVs and phones, trying to decipher all the letters.

Design features:

Large text

Large icons

Only 2 screens - low learning curve

May tweak some more, but I’m pretty happy thus far. 

I made the classic mistake of not sketching enough (notebook photos coming soon) and ended up with a million variations of one screen.

I wanted something fuss free, corporate looking and devoid of a learning curve.

Latest iteration includes all essential information and controls on one screen. I had myself in mind when I was designing, and on a typical day I want to know:

the temperature + some sense of whether that's hot or cold (I'm from NZ where everything is in celcius so I get confuesd with fahrenheit measurement)

time, day, place

whether it will rain or snow or be sunny.

Page control will only change the block of information in text, scroll bars will stay in place.

More screens to come - thoughts?


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