Simple swaps

Simple swaps - student project

I have slowly been trying to live a more sustainable life these past 2 years. Although I believed I was very mindful about the trash I was creating, it wasn't until I was prompted to go through my trash that I really realized how routine my purchasing habits were around products where very simple, cheap and fully biodegradable swaps were available for many of the things I use often. I'm really thankful this class opened my eyes.

#1: Brushes

- Biodegradable dish brush, to replace sponges

- Biodegradable tooth brushes, to replace plastic ones 

- Body brush, to replace body exfoliating products and their packaging

Simple swaps - image 1 - student project


#2: Bags

- Tote shopping bags to replace paper bags from grocery stores. Although I've been using those as compost bags or recycling them.. why even pick them up in the first place?!

- Produce bags to replace paper and plastic produce bags. I ended up putting these near the stairs down from my bedroom, such an effective tip

Simple swaps - image 2 - student projectSimple swaps - image 3 - student project


#3: DIY Products

- Reusable hand soap dispenser filled with a mixture of Dr. Bronners soap and water to replace store bought soap. This recipe is a bit watery, if any of you have some better recipes let me know!

- Reusable container filled with a homemade recipe for toothpaste to replace store bought toothpaste/packaging. It tastes absolutely terrible so I am still working on the recipe.. but I'm hopeful.

Simple swaps - image 4 - student project

#4: Menstrual cup

- Menstrual cup to replace the endless pads and tampons.

I bought another one of these last year but it was really hard to use so unfortunately it has just been collecting dust and I've been very bummed about it. I was motivated this time to do a lot more research so I'm much more optimistic about this one. I'm committed to trying my best to make it work, it's the Intimina Lily cup one.

Simple swaps - image 5 - student project