Simple still life

Simple still life - student project

What a tough class ! I couldn't believe it would be so hard to draw precisely such simple domestic objects. The work is getting harder and harder and I like it ! But it takes a long time to turn theory into good practical results. And for an impatient and hurried person like me it's a real challenge.

So here are my attempts : 

Simple still life - image 1 - student project

Simple still life - image 2 - student project

Simple still life - image 3 - student project

I've tried so hard to draw precisely the jug, it was by far the most difficult piece of this drawing. Maybe because it is handmade so it's kind of irregular?I don't know... I think the first drawing is the best, I kinda lost my patience on the others, especially on the butternut squash because it's the last one I draw. 

Still really hard to draw light lines with the overhand grip without trembling or drifting in the wrong direction. 

Simple still life - image 4 - student project

I've missed the proportions for this one. The reference were higher. I was still using the wrong paper so it explains the width of the line. I find my ovals not as precise as I'd want. And I think I should have the oval of the bottom of the jar more opened.. 

Simple still life - image 5 - student projectSimple still life - image 6 - student projectWell... I still have some issues with the light lines that I think I darken too fast. I should take more time to analyze the accuracy of positions. And I haven't inclined the vertical lines of the book enough.

That was a nice exercise, far not as easy as it seems, I think I am gonna do one of these several times before getting into any details..