Simple plant pattern

1. I started with very simple floral/leafy shapes, picking four different plants to use. That seemed to be the optimal limit so I wouldn't make the pattern too overwhelming.


2. Cutting was the scariest part. I messed it up a little, using a plastic ruler that slipped away under the pressure from the paper scalpel. I rolled with it, but it did create issues later when cleaning up the finished illustration in Photoshop.


3. Filling in the gaps was the most fun part. I figured I had added too little in some areas, so I cheated with drawing to the edges, measuring where it would continue in the pattern and continuing the lines there. Not something I'm keen on repeating in future patterns, but it did work out here.



4. Instead of scanning and printing, I got this scanned with a proper photo printer and did the clean-up and tiling in Photoshop. Took a few hours, but I put on some series to watch while working and the final result is definitely worth it.



Next time I will try out the diagonal tiling and try to make sure there are less noticeable boxy areas in the pattern. For my first attempt though, I am very happy with what I got out of this class.


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