Simple face

Simple face - student project

Simple face - image 1 - student projectSimple face - image 2 - student project
Simple face - image 3 - student project

I don't know if I can show you this here, because it's traditionnal art (I don't have photoshop nor procreate nor sketchbook).

Yesterday I saw on instagram that you've put a class on skillshare so I jumped here immediatly :D

I've listened your class in the afternoon, I was so excited. I listened the beginning and at the sketch part and I took a piece of paper and a pencil, I couldn't resist to try.

I really enjoyed to draw and put some colors even if it's not like I planned in my mind (I should have look the hair part, I did today though but it's too late now :D)

I totally forgot to tag you on instagram yesterday, I was so sleepy but I would like to show my progress.

(infortunately I don't know who is my model reference)

Thanks for the class !