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Brian J. B.




Simple beginnings to a little bit loopy...

I love the idea of developing patterns in this manner. I'd seen Truchet tiles in the past, but I never paid any attention to them or the possibilities of them until now. 

I started with a simple beginning design, just to test things out. Getting the patterns to work was easy, I just goofed up the randomizing masks the first time I set it all up. I am going to try something much more intricate for the next run at this. Loads of fun.

I've attached images of both my individual tile designs, as well as my total random pattern mockup.



I got a little carried away after my first jump into this. Here's my next attempt at truchet tile randomization. In the end, I think simplicity is the key for a good randomized pattern. Either that, or the need to add more color pixels into the randomization grid to break things up more. I actually love the original tiles for my second attempt as patterns by themselves more than I like the final pattern itself.




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