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Simple and Sweet

This is the first time I've really ever had the pleasure of working with type as a centerpiece, and in fact, probably the first time I've ever really thought about it when putting something together for a business card.  When I was finishing up college, and working my way up to the portfolio show 3 years ago, my first thought wasn't, "how can I make the text work for me?" it was more like, "Well, how's it going to work with whatever image I decide to use for my card.  The result 3 years ago was something busy and unpolished.  When I started this project, it was really hard for me to get that initial, "make pretty picture, insert image to distract from lack of overall design" out of my noggin.  I was going to put a image on them, or at least one of them, but the more I sat and worked, the more I realized that the image was the crutch, and one that I didn't really need anymore.  

I played with a few different sanserifs, and different designs for the cards.  The result leaves me still feeling like an ametuer to be sure, but I certainly feel more comfortable with text after this first go.

This first one, I really wanted a monochrome look, really only choosing 2 different variations on the same color, to really see how the weights in the type could affect the way it read overall.

This second one I wanted to see how far I could push the boundaries of the weight and color for legibility, I'm really making the size and weight work for it.

I may or may not have gone a little bonkers on the color, but I really love the autumn look, and I really love how the text moves your eyes across the card.  I wanted a stark contrast of framed space vs. filled space for the design.

This one is by far my favorite, crisp and straight lines.  The information seperates the name, but doesn't break it up enough that the name no longer reads.

I would absolutely LOVE feedback on how to improve.  I'm 100% a baby on typography and am completely open to suggestions on how to get better.


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