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Simple and Easy Book Cover Creation

In this class I teach a quick and easy way to create a 3D book cover. I show you to create the cover using free tools so that you can get started right away. You don’t have to spend any money when your create your book cover using the techniques taught in this class.

The first thing that a person notices is the cover of the book. Most people read a book that was either recommended to them by someone they trust, or was written by one of their favorite authors or one whose cover catches their eye while browsing a bookstore.

A good book cover will ensure that people click on the book and check it out. On the other hand if it is a bad cover no one will bother to see what the book is all about although the best content may be inside that book.

After taking this class you will know how to do research for what you need on your cover and where to find the best images for free. Two step-by-step tutorials will show you how to create an excellent book cover in just a few minutes using two different free tools that are easily available. There are also some bonus tips that will help you create a cover that will stand out.


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