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Amarilys Henderson

Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker



Simple Watercolor Calendar [Teacher's Sample Project]


It looks like a lot of work, but it's really not once I got rolling! 

I did all the art in one go. The more you doodle, the faster it goes. That's the most enjoyable part of this project, anyway! I also enjoyed syncing the colors up in Indesign. It was so easy to eyedrop and then see how they all look together while scrolling through the pages periodically so as to not repeat colors back to back. I moved some images around. Pumpkins for October or November? What about snowflakes?

I have to admit that my least favorite part was using the brush marker since I find it a little more difficult to reel that tip. Sometimes it would glide and sometimes it would bend. I'm sure it's just that I spend a lot more of my time with brushes and just feel more comfortable with how they feel. 

I wasn't sure that the months looked great until I scanned them and filled them with color. I'm constantly surprised at how what I disregard as an OK element can be quite useful once applied, so it's worth taking your best attempts for a whirl. They might be better once all put together than you think!


Here are some shots from it all put together on a clipboard. 


And PS- I like feedback too!




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