Simple Temp

Simple Temp - student project


1. No crazy gesture UI. I am not a fan of non-inuitive gesture-based UI because there are so many apps out there. People cannot remember all the gesture invented by different app. I want the app has visual cue to prompt user to touch it.

2. simiple with enough data. A lot of weather app has way too much information.

3. funcctional: I want the app has current temperature, hourly forecast and future forecast.

4. stylish.  

So this is my sketch:

Simple Temp - image 1 - student project

basically. the user will swipe left or right to get to diferent city. the solid and hallow dots will give the user visual cue that they do swipe the screen like they do on the home screen. and the slider will allow user to look into today's hourly forecast. 

Simple Temp - image 2 - student project

* I change the dots from tops to the bottom because I think it more confroms to iPhone home screen convention. and It's less clutter on the top.

* the gear icon will allow user to add more city or other settings custimization. 


Simple Temp - image 3 - student project

This is the main screen (I use custome slider because the iOS slider style doesn't watch with my design.)

Simple Temp - image 4 - student project

When user move the slider, the weather info will show hourly weather foreast.

Simple Temp - image 5 - student project

When user tap on the gear icon on the upper right. The main screen will slide down to show the settings page. User an choose the Unit, different theme. Add/Delete/Modify City. (swipe to delete, tap and hold to rearrange the city. tap the last row to add a city.) To dismiss the settings page, tap the main screen.

Simple Temp - image 6 - student project

other theme (color options)

Simple Temp - image 7 - student project

P.S. In the world of flat design trend. I am unapologetically loving drop shadows and shadings as long as  they are subtle.