Jane Snedden Peever

Illustrator and Digital Artist



Simple Steps to More Stunning Mandalas

Check out my new class here http://skl.sh/29A8FG9

I posted my first class with the June Teachers Challenge and had so much fun.  I am following up with a second class and I have just posted it today

My first class was an introduction to starting to draw mandalas and this class takes it a little deeper and introduces the student to even more techniques.

I set up free enrollments for the first one and marketed it through my Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter as well as my Website.  It worked but I wasn't sure which media they were coming from.

For this class I have set up different free enrollment links for each Marketing site so that I can tell which marketing campaign is reaching my target.

I am looking forward to creating a couple more classes along the same line and addressing more of my drawing techniques.  

My plan going forward is

  • to determine where my market is coming from and find ways to engage with them to create more of a buzz.  
  • Engage my students through the community and email and find what they want to see next
  • Continue to post small 15 second video clips of my drawing process on instagram and Facebook to interest more students into the class
  • after my third class I will organize a workshop and ama



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