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Simple Simon's Pirate

Here is my Pinterest Inspiration board for this project...


I Can't decide which one I want to move forward with... I'm leaning towards the Captain or the guy in the crows nest. Suggestions?


So after the initial feedback on my sketches I decided to go with the guy in the crows nest! And once I put the sketch into illustrator to make the shapes I made the decision to add legs to give his body a little bit more seperation from the nest.  And here is what I've got so far...


Sorry I've been MIA... Had some projects to finish up and some stuff happen with the show I'm in. But I'm back! So I'm pleased with this as it is but I might go back and make a few little changes. Not sure yet, would love to hear opinions. I realize the background is a little quick and sloppy.

OK, so I ditched the shoddy background and finished up with the final tutorial and added some texture and made a small color adjustment. Hope y'all dig it!

So, just for fun, I did some drawings of some of the guys in my show in this same style... Thought I'd share! Hope y'all like 'em!


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