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Simple Sgrafitto: Revealing Hidden Layers in Your Artwork

Ignore the cover image. It's for a drawing class I've postponed. :) I'll have an appropriate cover photo next week. 



This first class will be all about sgraffito techniques used in acrylic painting. 

Class Description:

Reveal hidden layers and create interest and dimension in your artwork using sgraffito techniques! In this class you'll learn several methods for incorporating sgraffito into your artwork. We'll begin with a brief overview of the basic sgraffito technique and practice some lines with a scratch board. Next, we'll explore and improve our technique using acrylic paints and other media. To complete this class, take the skills you've learned and incorporate them into your own art piece inspired by your favorite season. 

Class Project:

Use the techniques you learned in the class and incorporate them into your own artwork. Your project is to create a painting with the theme of your favorite season. Sgraffito techniques look great with foliage, so Fall and Spring have some good opportunities to try it out with leaves and flowers. Your painting can be representational or abstract. The theme is open to interpretation, so get creative and make something you love incorporating sgraffito into your piece! Post photos of your work in progress along the way to the class project section and ask questions on the discussion board if you need help or want feedback. I can’t wait to see your final project!


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