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Simple Sewing School

I have ideas for several different series. My channel is all about handmade things, crafting, etc. --That's my audience. My first series will be called

Simple Sewing School.

The lessons so far:

1. Know Your Sewing Machine  (Project: post what brand of sewing machine you have, and what questions you have based on your particular machine)

2. How to Thread Your Sewing Machine (Project: post how long it took you)

3. How to Sew a Straight Seam -- Cloth Napkins [i.e. serviettes] (Project: Make a square cloth napkin/serviette and post a photo of it)

4. How to Sew a Skirt from a Thrift Store T-Shirt

5. Your First Ruffle

6. Zipper Pouch (this is my first class and is already published)

7. Chiffon Kimono Cardigan

This is as far as I've got for my first series, but I might keep going, once I start making the upper-level videos. 


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