Simple Seashell Pin

Simple Seashell Pin - student project

Reference Pins:

I am really inspired by one of my favorite artists right now, Natelle Draws Stuff! She has a lot of pins that she sells (as well as patches and other things) with cute characters and bright pastels.

Favorite Apple Metal Pin:

Simple Seashell Pin - image 1 - student project

Again, I'm drawn to bright rainbow colors so this was definitely a favorite of mine.

Initial Sketches:

Simple Seashell Pin - image 2 - student project

I wanted to draw some seashells since I really like the ocean and have to do some nature sketches for another class. I thought a spiral shell with some pastel rainbow colors would make a super cute pin!

Final Pin:

Simple Seashell Pin - image 3 - student project

All in all i'm not 100% happy with how this turned out - I could have gone for a lot more detail, which would have made the image translate better. Practice makes perfect, though. :) I did get a lot of good practice with the pen tool in, though I still have a ways to go to feel comfortable with it. This is my first project I've done on Skillshare - previously I've just watched videos and not really done any projects - and I can already tell it's better to just jump in and make stuff! This was a fun class and I'm glad I went for it. :)

Liz Wilson
Gamer and Maker