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Simple RSS Reader

Step 1: Sketching up ideas

First off, I started brainstorming on what features I wanted. The goal is to keep things simple, I'm not a fan of images being the key to browsing in readers (like Feedly), but I wanted some sort of visual element to stick out to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

The idea is to have one key image, which is from the top post in your list. When you scroll this image will transition to the next relevant one, but the transition is slightly delayed from the scroll. To clarify: it wil only transition when you're done scrolling, so when you're going really fast it won't constantly be switching around.

Details on the rest are in the sketches, not worth giving too much more info here since everything's subject to change as it's all pretty rudimentary.

Sketches are based on iPhone and iPad sizes. Larger screens should be quite simalar to the latter version. I have a hard time estimating how large type is on devices, so the size of the listitems could be completely off.

Next step will be sketching and thinking about the actual reading experience. More to come soon(ish)!


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