Simple Productivity Assignment

Simple Productivity Assignment - student project

Out of 5ish truly essential things, my mind went straight to these two, and I hand wrote my answers to the sub-questions.

1. Learning and Practicing Art Fundamentals

It matters to me because being well-versed in the fundamentals will lead to clearer but more complex illustration and storytelling. I'll communicate more effectively, I'll attract a steady audience, spikes of attention, and potentially an additional income stream. Having a strong portfolio can connect me to like-minded, skilled peers, potential mentors and collaborations for larger projects. 

 What needs to change is the time commitment for daily consistency. I have a full-time job that's not directly related to art, so setting a time slot seems crucial. I already have the tools to learn, I just need to DO IT!

I think it'd be best to practice everyday, for at least a minimum of 10 minutes, ideally 30 to really get into the flow of intentional study. Knowing what to study beforehand will save energy for the actual doing of it.

Success looks like a sizable volume of studies from reference, which, admittedly benefits me more than an audience. Every empty sketchbook page has been grounds for intentional practice. And I complete the Art Camp 1 online course!


2. Exercise and Flexibility

It matters to me because physical fitness and stamina has become imperative during the pandemic. I currently don't have the option to work from home. I'll be moving residence in a year, so my strength, energy, and endurance needs to be maintained and improved. 

What needs to change: less sitting, which is tough because I have a desk job...and my 1st essential thing involves me sitting for extended periods of time. I can plan out a weekly schedule for working out the muscle groups and get into the habit of taking stretch breaks every 50 minutes. 

30 minutes of exercise, be it an outdoor activity, walking through town, weight lifting, or intensive stretching. On a weekly basis, 3 days minimum, 5 days ideal.

Success looks like being able to do 20 perfect push-ups! Maybe a steady plank for 1 minute; a well-executed and maintained pike stretch!


Question: What is something non-essential that you are currently over-investing in? 

2 things that are partially due to the social distancing and pandemic circumstances that I'm investing too much time in are Animal Crossing and re-watching Youtube videos and Netflix series. For Animal Crossing, I recognize the irony of spending so much time and (virtual) money on landscaping projects when in real life I have a list of art projects I know are important and can help me achieve my #1 essential thing. Without getting into the internet discourse, I recognize that for my play style and enjoyment, AC should definitely be treated like a bonzai tree-- intentional bits of upkeep in the scope of long-term devotion. We got more important things to do! As for my media consumption, I love reliving a show or series I know is good. Aside from reducing my watching time, I think it'd be nice to lean into novelty and try more new media, from both a consumer and creative standpoint.