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Simple & Organised Accounting in the Cloud (Milestone 1)

Learn how to have a stress-free book keeping in a day

What do you do when you start making income in your business but no accounting background to manage your book/finances? OR What do you do when you are sick of your traditional and messy book keeping with papers everywhere and tidious to track?

I am here to teach you in 3 simple steps how to change the way you do your bookkeeping, so you can have a great system running for you.  

I will show you how to have a meaningful yet simple reporting, more efficient bookkeeping process and at the same time it is easy, beautiful and interactive.  

This will help you in:

  • tax time, you can send the report to your tax agent without having them to ask you for every thing and you have to scrape through your documentation
  • most importantly in managing your business and be in control of your finances. 

The class will cover:

  • The importance of set up.  If you set it up right (right tool, right integration, right basic knowledge), to run it, it will be piece of cake.
  • The key basic accounting skills you need to know and understand
  • The benefit using online tools.  For the purpose of this class demonstration, I will use two Software As A Service (SAAS) accounting software & online storage for our learning.  I will sign you up for free with no obligation to continue.  I will cancel all memberships once we finish the class unless you inform me and decided you want to continue.  The accounting concept we are learning in this class is still the same being online or offline, but we are learning how to utilise the Cloud to simplify our bookkeeping.

Who is this class for?

This class is for startups, small business owners who want to have an organised, interactive, easy yet meaningful book keeping. 

What You Will Need

You will need to already have an online banking set up at least with 2 weeks worth of transactions prior to class (if not, I can give you a mock example for practice).

What You Will Create

By the end of the class, you would have created your own online accounts linked to your online banking, with your business' Charts of Accounts, reporting and dashboard tailored to your business.

About Me

I am a CPA and have more than twelve years experience working as Accounting Professional.  I have just recently started to launch my own business in online accounting to assist small businesses for seamless set up and if they wish to outsource their finance department.

Why? (mission statement)

I love simplicity, numbers and beautiful things.  Cloud Accounting represents exactly what I am into or believe in.  I would love to share the skills and knowledge I know so other people can get benefited from it and enable them to have more time to do what they enjoy more in life.


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