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Simple Micro Funnels Online - Your Step By Step Blueprint


My New Class...


In this class, you go through the process of relearning the whole concept behind what Sales Funnels should look like. You have three primary goals for this training and for how you can move forward faster with these theories in your business.

I want to make sure to keep it simple. Education about funnels can get quite complex easily. I want to make sure that the funnels you build moving forward are both scalable and successful so that you can get a few runs on the board quickly.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of these 'micro-funnels' though. You can easily create more complex systems with the same basic elements, so the idea is to not overwhelm you, and give you the freedom to grow quickly at the same time.

We're going to focus on 2 key funnels:

  • Lead generation funnels
  • Sales funnels

That's it.


And we're going to do this with TWO pages only....


Let's dig in....!!


Here are the outline guys!

Took me a while!



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