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Mychael Williams

Design by Myke



Simple Logo Design of Giraffe!

So I was looking through everyone's amazing designs and had trouble deciding which animal to choose as my muse for this project. 

I ended up choosing the Giraffe! Such a unique animal. I started out with several sketches (below are the final four that I sketched).


I chose the 1st and moved forward.

So I uploaded my image into Illustrator and mainly used the Pen tool to recreate my first draft.

It took much trial and error! Me and the pen tool really got to know each other that day haha.. Anyways!

Here is what I first ended up with:


I went back and touched up the legs so they have more consistancy and POW!!! 


I know Giraffe's aren't blue but I really liked this color palette and never ended up changing it. A more "giraffe-like" color set would be very appealing I'm sure.

Let me know what you think! I crave helpful critique.

Thanks everyone :)


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