Melissa Panter

a work in progress



Simple Hedgehogs "proof of concept"

This is an illustration I made for a children's book I made. As you can see, it's very basic, with bold colors and simplified shapes. I wanted to see if using this faux tissue paper method would improve anything, so I thought I should make a proof of concept.



I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, given that I was rushing through it trying to calm my 3mo old, 4.5 yr old, and deal with my 8 year old mac which is slowly dying and long and painful death.... 10 minutes to boot up Ai and you can hear it wheezing...

Anyway, I'm going to take one of the other classes I saw on creating texture by using stock texture images or uploading one's own texture images, and possibly combine the two techniques.

Also, I just knocked this self-portrait out in about an hour!



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