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Simple Hand Sewing: How to Make Basic Clothing Repairs Yourself!

How many times have you thrown away clothing just because it was missing a button or you split a seam? How much do you pay someone else to do simple things like fix a hem or sew on a button? Learn simple tasks including how to sew on buttons, repair torn hems, or fix split seams. You'll be able to control your own clothing repair destiny with just a few inexpensive items, a small amount of instruction and minimal repair time. Join me on this adventure. Go ahead and bust your buttons 'cause now you can sew them back on!!!


Simple sewing kit-I found these at Walmart. They range in price from $1.50-$4.50. They all include a pair of scissors, thread, needles, and  a few shirt buttons. These are the basic tools you need. If you already have access to those tools you do not need to purchase.


Fabric to make kit-- a fat quarter(22X18) which you can get at a fabric or craft store, Walmart or quilt shop. You can also go to a resale shop or yard sale and get an article of cotton clothing and resuse the fabric.

Felt square(generally 8X12)--found again at a a fabric or craft stores or Walmart.

Elastic rubber bands to hold pony tails or narrow elastic for the closure.


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