Simple Efficient Workout Trainer

Simple Efficient Workout Trainer - student project

Do you like to workout, but don't know what workouts to do or overwhelmed with all the information and youtube videos out there?  Did you try p90x and thought it was too long or not your fitness level?  Are you still doing hundreds of situps or 1 hour cardio sessions? Did you put in your email address at some hyped up marketing landing page to some trainer promosing you a best kept secret about getting six pack abs in 4 weeks?  

There are tons of workout websites and apps out there today and some have very good tools. However, I feel like the workouts aren't the best even though some are created by well known trainers.  Rather then having thousands of exercises, there should be just a few hundred efficient ones as part of the workout routine.

I want to build the best workout trainer app with exercises and workouts based on scientific data to be most effective and most efficient. And of course, tools to make working out easier, such as transition timers, easy to follow pics/instructions, etc.  I know there are  alot of these fitness apps out there, but I think there are rooms for improvements.

However, going to start really simple initially....If I can show a list of workouts, exercises and a timed interface to transition between exercises during workouts..killer start!!!

Simple Efficient Workout Trainer - image 1 - student project

Btw, Paul, how long have you been in Rochester, NY?  I grew up there in the in the early 80s and left in early 90s.   Currently in Austin, TX.