Simple Character Illustration: Blig and Gurlopy

Really I am not one for designing "simple", lol! This is just the start of my project/ I first used the lasso tool to make my character and scene.The clipping mask helped me to graft pants, and  make his eyes. I also did some non destructive editing by using the hue/saturation adjustment layer for his body color.  , and Later plan to use the brushes to paint in the details.


So the next step was to rework my design. i added a friend for Blig(the lil guy in blue) named Gurlopy( the Dirt creature peeking around the corner). Gurlopy's character was fun to create. I used the polygonal lasso tool to create Blig, but decided to experiement with the magnetic lasso tool when creating the second creature. I used both my eraser and brush tools to smooth out the features I wanted. Again I also used the eliptical tool to create the eyes, and the clipping mask ot put a tongue in hie mouth. 

Afterwards, I set up my brush. I chose to use the color burn setting, and triend several differnet brushes  for the shadows, and details of both characters. There are several different layer masks at work in this piece as well. In addtion I used the polygonal lasso tool to isolate areas of my flat art. it was a great aid in dividing off the legs from the body, and then painting wihtin the bounds ot create depth and shodows. I did this trick on the eyes as well, as to push them forward from the stalks. 

This is my final piece below. 

I greatly enjoyed this class, so as always thank you Matt. I hope all who view this project enjoy my art, and i look forwad to enjoying yours. 

May your passions prevail, 

Nathan Dreggors

"Every Imagination Matters" 


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