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Simple Bahay Kubo (In Progress)

I've been interested in animating for sometime and I'm really excited to complete this class! I only know the basics of AE from Jake's "Beginner's Guide to Animating GIFs" class so I'm pretty pumped to be learning more. :) 


I'll be doing something really simple (as suggested by Jake) so I don't get overwhelmed by the layers when I animate. I decided to animate a traditional Filipino Bahay Kubo since I'm feeling nationalistic at the moment, haha. 

Here's the peg I used.


And here's my illustration (made on Illustrator)! I tried to keep it as basic as possible. 


Here's my workspace on AE as I was organizing and naming everything. 



That's all for now! (as this is still a work in progress)

Will update this project once I've finished the animation. Wish me luck! :)


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