Simple Art: Need Reviews!!

Simple Art: Need Reviews!! - student project

Update!: I've got 11 students enrolled in my class now and all I need is 2 more reviews to complete the challenge. I would greatly appreciate if you could enroll in my class, critique it, and leave a review for me. I would gladly do the same for you. Thanks for your help! 

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I got some advice from a few people about my intro and decided to remake it.

check it out here: Simple Art New Intro

My first idea for a class is project I'm calling "Simple Art for you home or business" It is a working title. Feel free to suggest changes! 

Here is the link to my Class Outline

I published a free class as a tool for people who want to take the class I'm  working on. The free class is available here:

Drawing Basics: getting it on paper

I plan on mentioning this class in this project in case students have a difficult time starting a drawing.

Any suggestion/criticism is greatly appreciated!


David Mena
Art teacher.