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Elizabeth L M.

Mercury Organizing Professionals



Simmer Sauces

Our “Simmer Sauce” is a “working title” for our product. We will provide 5 simmering skillet sauces for retail online and to grocery, supermarket, & specialty stores. The product began when my family’s restaurant closed. Due to the METRA construction the restaurant was forced to close its doors for good. These sauces are the foundation of my mom’s recipes and her at her former restaurant that survived for 17 years. Her followers have insisted she continue on. I decided to carry on the legacy and share my mom’s sauces with the world.

The sauces will be made in a community kitchen at first until a personal professional kitchen can be established. They are made using fresh chilies and vegetables, gluten free, and dairy free ingredients. Our sauces already maintain a following of loyal customers who are waiting for the product. We are currently needing a formal license and packaging to share them with the public.

The unique aspect of our “Simmer Sauce” are their spectacular mouth watering flavors. They are made with fresh ingredients, fresh tasting and more delicious without the amount of sodium or sweetness that similar products sold on the market contain. These qualities are the features that many people are seeking but can’t find in current stores. 

We acknowledge that the sauce is as good as the cook that cooks with it,  which is why we have a blog and website available filled with recipes. When the at home cook wants instructions on how to create some quick and easy meals without the fuss they can visit our online recipe directory. These sauces will help make it easy to serve a delicious healthy meal and saving time process. Our market research has indicated people would like sustainable packaging material that would also ship safely. Our mission is to be a healthy company through and through.


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