Siminars: Design Fun & Interactive Learning Experiences

Siminars: Design Fun & Interactive Learning Experiences - student project

Learning isn't meant to happen with a chalkboard and a lecture. It's supposed to be an organic experience. Learning should be exciting, and dare we say it --- fun. Most learning systems we use have taken the rewarding part of personal development out of the equation and replaced it with semesters, grades, and number two pencils. It's time to inject creativity and engagement back into the learning process, and we want to do this by putting the student at the center of the experience.

At Siminars we believe learning is most powerful when it is treated as a journey. We've built a platform that helps create a rewarding, social, and engaging journey for teachers to create for their audience.


1)     Siminars is a destination site for interactive learning experiences

2)     Log on to our portal on your computer or your phone and become a member of Siminars. It’s FREE to sign up, and many individual Siminars are free.

3)     Sign up for virtual journeys through a wide-range of topics guided by world-class experts. Enjoy learning the way it’s supposed to be: interactive and fun.

4)     Help your friends on their personal development journeys (and get free access to premium content on Siminars) by inviting your friends to join you on Siminars.

5) Facebook, Email, Twitter, LinkedIn

6) Within the tool, one can share any to do item (video, blog, quiz, poll) using social media or email to a friend. Each Siminar can be designed with inherent virality in the form of questions, polls, or other forms of media that make a person think about a friend and want to share. 

Hey Mike --- I think you're a maven. Some famous mavens are ALbert Einstein and Barack Obama.  Check out this Siminar to learn about Core Energies.

Answers to questions 1-4 that lead me to my Viral Map.

The Players

Their personal motivation to share

Our ways to charge them

Joint reasons to either pay us or spread virally

Content Creators

Promote ideas, products, brands, or themselves.


Generate revenue by selling Siminars


Ease collaboration and teaching of employees, partners, vendors, or customers

Upsell them premium services so they can sell Retail Siminars, or restrict access to Private Siminars


Pay for ads, promoting to users feeds, etc.


Need to collect and be able to distribute a portion of their Retail Siminars for free to participate in the gaming system.

We have productized their information, they are naturally inclined to promote. We need to give them referral incentive to get their friends/partners on board.

Content Consumers

Ego driven: people want to appear smart. They would want to brag about their personal development, learning something.


Also could want to participate in the experience jointly with their customers

Sell access to the Retail Siminars so they can learn something and better themselves


Maybe it’s a points system. They get certain number of points for sharing, getting people to sign up. Different scheme based on number of signups, etc.


Points also rewarded for completing Siminars, and answering quiz questions well.


If they get 5 friends to sign up for a Siminar, they get to take theirs free.


Points / rewards add up for sharing / learning. Redeemed for other Siminars.

Referral Networkers

Extend their own sales


Establish credibility as  a promising ‘brand/blogger’


For every 5 they sell they get 1 free (they can give away).











1) Siminars are fun & interactive learning experiences

2) Design a Siminar by organizing your content into an interactive experience for your audience. Share the Siminar with your audience for free.

3) Your Siminar will guide your audience on an enjoyable, rewarding journey through your content. 

4) Promote yours and others Siminars for to drive up referral fees and share the rewarding experience of learning via a Siminar.


1) Siminars are an easy and fun way to learn. The way learning should be.

2) Join a Siminar on a subject relevant to you on your computer, your tablet, or your phone.

3) The Siminar guides you through the subject, taking you on a structured, interactive journey through the content and connecting you with the author and other students. 

4) Reward your friends by sharing the Siminar experience with them, and be rewarded yourself with future discounts / prizes / offers from Siminars.