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Silvery Light of a Rainy Teatime

We've just had 36 hours of almost non-stop rain here in Malta. If you live in the Mediterranean, and are used to sun and light, rain gets you down. It was so chill in the house that I had to bake to keep warm! My son always comes in from school ravenous and in search of something to assuage his sweet tooth, so I made these brownies.  My neighbour gave me some pomegranates a month ago, and I thought they'd make a nice 'red velvet' kind of brownie adding in some juice. We made mochachinos to go with them. The light was silvery as the rain eased, and the pomegranates with their splash of crimson made the whole (messy, kiddy) tea time seem so festive. Needless to say, we devoured almost a tray's worth in one sitting. 

My three key words conjuring up the mood and light: silvery, wintry, homely.


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